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Welcome to your education

Your child thinks differently and sees the world through a unique lens, so it's not that they don't "fit in."


Society's educational system doesn't fit them. 


Often, the child who is acting out, being difficult, or causing trouble is not truly feeling heard, seen, or understood. They have beautiful, exciting ideas and extremely high potential to impact the world positively...

All it takes is for someone to truly SEE that and provide the learning environment, style, and challenges that connect with and excite them. THAT is what we do at Arete. 


Arete Core Values



Clear communication about cause, effect, strategy, and purpose to promote students' conscious understanding of how they learn and where the lessons are applicable in their lives.



Provision of an uplifting instructional experience that improves the mind or character overall as a result of the engagement -  intellectually, morally, or spiritually.



A safe environment in which students, parents, and educators habitually interact with genuine, sincere, and transparent words and actions. We tell the truth to ourselves and others.



Empowering our students and families with knowledge, reasoning, and skills in preparation for independence, success in the workplace, and to contribute to society positively.

The Arete-Discovered


Helping students of all ages overcome their individual challenges and achieve personal and academic growth. Through building trust and rebuilding confidence, everyone can reach his or her potential. 

Arete Creed

I am a divergent thinker

I find another way

I strategize

I persevere

I am a divergent thinker

I see with different eyes

I hear with different ears

I do from a different heart

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The best parents, teachers, and leaders continue to seek support in expanding their own knowledge and awareness.

Free Resources

Meet the Founder

Chastity Jeff

A passionate educator with over two decades of experience, driven by the belief that education goes beyond textbooks, guides divergent thinkers as she sees the world through different eyes, ears, and hearts alongside them.

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How We Help

Choose one of 3 completely custom solutions to your educational needs:


Custom Curriculum

for your student

You're happy in a homeschool environment or pod, but the resources you've found are basic. Feel the shift as we walk together through an assessment, custom curriculum creation, and ongoing support to address the unique needs of your learner. 

Starting at $385


Enroll With Us

join Arete

Immediate specialized support for a struggling learner K-12, whether behavioral, social/emotional, gifted/talented, disability, or alternative learning support is required. Everything you've tried is not working, and public or private schools aren't helping enough. 

Starting at $14,000/yr


Microschool Creation


Want the blueprints to create your own successful microschool near you? Duplicate my system to fit your strengths and your student's needs. I'll show you the ropes and guide your journey so you can avoid missteps and serve your families well.

Starting at $34,000

Arete Foundations

A Tradition of Giving

A strong Annual Fund drive makes all the difference and supports everything from a dedicated faculty to unique learning adventures. All gifts, no matter how large or small, support the educational needs of our students and continue to ensure that they have an advantage over others for both college and adult life.

A year at Arete can mean a lifetime of hope.


Specialized classroom supplies for multisensory learning

Visual and performing arts equipment and experiences

Flexible seating arrangements and acceessories for effeciency

Financial aid for those who need opportunity and access 

Competitive Salaries to help attract and retain the brightest teachers

Colorful Play Dough
Rustic Design Living Room
Graduation Celebration
Teacher Assisting a Student

"We came to Arete years ago as a family in crisis mode over our child's situation. I can tell you over the course of 5 years, we've never been in crisis mode while our child is enrolled in Arete full time. Arete provides the learning environment every child deserves to have.


One that builds them up, meets them where they are in order to push them to the edge of their capabilities, that pours into them and says you are an absolute miracle just as you are. And, that has the expertise and tools to truly educate children based on their unique needs. There is no other community I would put my trust in with my child and this is based on years of experience in a number of different environments."



1. We place education above information (Learning and growing are prioritized over knowing).

2. We intentionally seek to find the unique gifts, talents, and abilities in everyone connected to our program and support their growth accordingly.

3. We ensure that everyone is better as a result of one touch with Arete.

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