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A dream that unfolded from the imagination of my 6 year old daughter...


As a mom and educator, navigating the struggles of my own child in the public school system, we intimately understand the challenges faced by parents of struggling learners.

We get it – the challenges, the uncertainties. Join us in celebrating this extraordinary journey from a child's dream to a haven of education and support. Your family's unique adventure with Arete awaits!

Arete began as an after-school haven for over 40 students, including my own, evolving into a homeschooling solution for families seeking a customized and meaningful educational pathway.


Today, Arete thrives as a private learning program, proudly boasting a divergent approach that nurtures a love for learning and community building.

Chastity Jeff

Meet the Founder:

Meet Chastity Jeff, Ed.S, the visionary behind Arete Learning Group, a passionate educator with over two decades of experience shaping the minds of tomorrow's leaders. Chastity holds a Bachelor's degree in Ethics, a Master's degree, and a Specialist degree in Education Leadership and Development.


Throughout her dynamic career, Chastity has worn many hats, serving as a teacher, administrator, and contributing her expertise at both state and federal levels in education.

Her multifaceted experience has provided her with a profound understanding of the intricacies of the American traditional education system, making her adept at working with students who are currently disengaged and disinterested. Chastity's commitment to divergent thinking and out-of-the-box learning is evident in her role as an acclaimed and sought-after speaker, coach, and teacher in both the education and business industries. She has captivated audiences of teachers, educational leaders, and corporate events, sharing insights that challenge conventional norms and inspire creative thinking. Driven by the belief that education goes beyond textbooks, Chastity has crafted the Arete brand, a beacon for developing, supporting, and enhancing critical thinking and life application across industries. Her educational strategies have consistently demonstrated remarkable results, with students under her guidance outperforming their peers by more than two years. Arete Learning Group, under Chastity's leadership, is not just an educational institution but a movement dedicated to creating a learning network where divergence and out-of-the-box approaches build a lasting brand. Chastity's motto, "I am a divergent thinker, I find another way," encapsulates her unwavering commitment to strategizing, persevering, and seeing the world through different eyes, ears, and hearts. As an advocate for valuing the whole person and embracing what makes each individual unique, Chastity Jeff embodies the essence of Arete Learning Group. Her vision extends beyond the confines of traditional education, instilling a love for learning that transcends boundaries and cultivates perspectives that serve communities better.

Listen to the 


Outside The School Box podcast by Chastity Jeff

How We Help

Choose one of 3 completely custom solutions to your educational needs:


Custom Curriculum

for your student

You're happy in a homeschool environment or pod, but the resources you've found are basic. Feel the shift as we walk together through an assessment, custom curriculum creation, and ongoing support to address the unique needs of your learner. 

Starting at $385


Enroll With Us

join Arete

Immediate specialized support for a struggling learner K-12, whether behavioral, social/emotional, gifted/talented, disability, or alternative learning support is required. Everything you've tried is not working, and public or private schools aren't helping enough. 

Starting at $14,000/yr


Microschool Creation


Want the blueprints to create your own successful microschool near you? Duplicate my system to fit your strengths and your student's needs. I'll show you the ropes and guide your journey so you can avoid missteps and serve your families well.

Starting at $34,000

crisis no more

“Arete provides the learning environment every child deserves [...] one that builds them up [...] and has the expertise and tools to truly educate children based on their unique needs. "

trusted community

"In 5 years of being enrolled at Arete, we've never again been in crisis mode. There is no other community I would put my trust in with my child and this is based on years of experience in a number of different environments."

loving accountability

"She will push you and hold you accountable to your word and do it in a way that helps you feel stronger and more confident with every interaction. I wouldn't be where I am today without her!"


Various public spaces in the Plano & Frisco, TX areas

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The best parents, teachers, and leaders continue to seek support in expanding their own knowledge and awareness.

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Tiniest Action

Progress begins with the 

If nothing changes, nothing changes. So, immediately make a difference in how you and your learner experience education by reaching out for support. 

Rather than a "sales call," I treat each initial conversation as an information session where you tell me about the difficulties you and your learner have experienced and what has and hasn't worked. 

Some families reach out in a crisis. However, I encourage you to take action before things escalate. Your learner and I will thrive in an intervention situation pre-crisis and will be able to make more progress than you ever imagined but always hoped for. 

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