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In our commitment to providing an inclusive and personalized education, we understand that each student comes with unique needs and complexities.


Below is our pricing structure that reflects a transparent and adaptable approach, ensuring families have clarity on their investment in their child's education.

Every Custom education plan begins with the completion of an intake form and scheduling a 15-minute call. 

Then, you'll arrange a 1-hour meeting and evaluation of your child to determine needs. 

At the end of that meeting, you'll receive recommendations and the next steps, followed by the appropriate application and payment instructions.

Custom Education Design Options

Custom Education Plan for Your Learner

This tier is designed for learners enrolled in public, private, or homeschool lessons who simply need adjustments to the structure, approach, or implementation of the curriculum. CEPs can be used and successfully implemented by parents or teachers with specific objectives for their learner's education, whether those be life skills, technical knowledge, problem-solving, or leadership qualities. 

We begin with a 1-hour assessment of your learner, the environment in which they're learning, the method by which they're learning, and the current curriculum being used. By the end of our hour together, you'll have an overview of how to build your Customized Education Plan based on your expressed objectives in alignment with your learner's current challenges.

$385 Eval & Reccommendations

Once you're informed about how to build your CEP and have an overview, you can run with it! 

However, many families need further support to fully design and implement activities that will effectively and efficiently lead toward the accomplishment of their desired objectives. For ten full 1-hour sessions of strategic implementation with defined timelines, during which we walk through each recommended activity, highlighting mini-milestones throughout the custom curriculum design. These 10 sessions will help you completely build out and successfully implement your learner's Custom Education Plan. 

$3,850 Implementation

CEP Homeschool

Enroll Your Learner in Arete Academy

Enroll in Arete

For learners who need custom education opportunities inside a proven environment with an already-established community, we invite you to explore whether enrollment in our microschool is a good fit. 

Arete Academy is a private learning center focused on customized, individual learning - not schooling. We support students from all walks of life and work to break through all educational barriers by establishing connections, seeking interest anchors, and building toward larger concepts. 

Each student comes with unique needs and complexities. Our base tuition covers the fundamental educational experience, including an engaging curriculum, experienced educators, and a supportive learning environment. 

$14,000 Base Tuition

To address the unique needs of our students, additional costs are required for complexities. Each complexity factor is priced at $1,500, allowing families to tailor their child's education based on their unique requirements. We value transparency and accessibility, so the cap for total tuition is $23,000, ensuring families have a maximum investment limit.

+$1,500/ea Complexity

  1. IEP from Previous School

  2. 504 Plan

  3. 3 or More Behavioral Incidents

  4. Receives Outside Counseling or Therapeutic Services

  5. Learning Disabilities

  6. Gifted and Talented Programs

  7. English Language Learners (ELL)

  8. Transitional Support

  9. Extended School Day or Year

  10. Technology Integration

  11. College or Career Preparation

  12. Social and Emotional Support

  13. Specialized Educational Therapies

  14. Flexible Scheduling

  15. Transportation Services

  16. Family Support

  17. Alternative Assessment Methods

  18. Specialized Educational Resources

$23,000 Cap for Total Tuition

Application of Pricing Structure to Scenarios

  1. Scenario 1:

    • Student with IEP from Previous School.

    • Total Tuition: $14,000 + $1,500 (IEP) = $15,500

  2. Scenario 2:

    • Student with 3 or More Behavioral Incidents, 504 Plan, and Counseling Services.

    • Total Tuition: $14,000 + $1,500 (Behavioral Incidents) + $1,500 (504 Plan) + $1,500 (Counseling Services) = $18,500

  3. Scenario 3:

    • Student with All Complexities (Multiple Complexity Factors).

    • Total Tuition: Cap at $23,000

CYO Microschool

Create Your Own Microschool

Perhaps you're already homeschooling or are interested in starting, and you'd like to build a business providing customized education opportunities to other families the Arete way. Community is always better than flying solo, and implementing a proven system is always better than reinventing the wheel.


Get your custom-designed microschool curriculum, my system for attracting and enrolling best-fit families, and receive hands-on initial implementation support. You provide the desired learning objectives. I design the curriculum around those objectives, suggest activities, and provide the blueprint. The entire framework is delivered and implemented within 5 weeks (estimated 100 hours). 

$34,000 for Blueprint, Implementation, and 1 year of Support

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