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I find another way

I am a divergent thinker

With Arete, education goes beyond textbooks, as we explore project-based and interest-inspired learning to build a foundation on which your learner can rely.

From there, we build bridges to the next larger concept over and over until they have a network of knowledge to build their future upon.


Every learner is important and deserves the opportunity to create positive impact. 



Custom Curriculum

for your student

You're happy in a homeschool environment or pod, but the resources you've found are basic. Feel the shift as we walk together through an assessment, custom curriculum creation, and ongoing support to address the unique needs of your learner. 

Starting at $385


Enroll With Us

join Arete

Immediate specialized support for a struggling learner K-12, whether behavioral, social/emotional, gifted/talented, disability, or alternative learning support is required. Everything you've tried is not working, and public or private schools aren't helping enough. 

Starting at $14,000/yr


Microschool Creation


Want the blueprints to create your own successful microschool near you? Duplicate my system to fit your strengths and your student's needs. I'll show you the ropes and guide your journey so you can avoid missteps and serve your families well.

Starting at $34,000

Customized Education Plans (CEPs)

Customized Education Plans begin with understanding your students learning profile.

Access the expertise of Arete with a student assessment, align objectives that include life and academic skills, and receive support determining the activities that will yield the outcomes you are looking for.


Custom Curriculum

01 Custom Curriculum

Customized Education Plan (CEP) for your Learner

In-person evaluation of existing curriculum and the learner to determine product. Timeline for delivery, process of design, implementation, feedback, and adjustments. Click the Book a Call button and complete the intake form. You'll receive a message shortly with the next steps to book an appointment.

Starting at $385


Join Our School

01 Join Our School

Enroll Student in Arete Academy

For K-12 students requiring in-person customized learning support. Using customized education plans (CEPs), we ensure that each student's unique needs are fully supported. Our interest-driven project-based learning (iDPBL) model is a trademarked approach to learning only found at Arete. This full-day school program takes place in Frisco, TX. 

Starting at $14,000


Create a Microschool

03 Create a Microschool

Create Your Own Microschool with Support

Learn how to open, manage, and operate your own microschool, based on my proven system. You get my 20 years of educational and operational experience wrapped in a tidy package that I help you implement. I custom design your school using your values and curriculum of choice and optimize the learning, leveraging Arete's framework. You get periodic check-ins,  guidance around enrollment procedures, structure for daily workflow, and ongoing support for 1 year.

Starting at $34,000

Until we connect, snag these helpful PDFs to improve the educational relationship and quality of interaction with your learner

Free Downloads

Arete Core Values



Clear communication about cause, effect, strategy, and purpose to promote students' conscious understanding of how they learn and where the lessons are applicablein their lives.



Provision of an uplifting instructional experience that improves the mind or character overall as a result of the engagement -  intellectually, morally, or spiritually.



A safe environment in which students, parents, and educators habitually interact with genuine, sincere, and transparent words and actions. We tell the truth to ourselves and others.



Empowering our students and families with knowledge, reasoning, and skills in preparation for independence, success in the workplace, and to contribute to society positively.


Pursue Excellence with Arete

I've developed two primary reputations - on one hand, it's for turning around "struggling students" and for handling "troublemakers" well, while on the other hand, it's for unlocking "gifts" and adequately challenging "talented" children.


These opposite ends of the spectrum are the same when you lead with empathy and identify interest anchors upon which to build bridges to the next academic milestone. I'd love to explore your child's educational needs with you.

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