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Young Entrepreneurs Program

Our young entrepreneurs program is designed to give our students an early start in applied Mathematics, Economics and Communication Arts. Utilizing state standards we have adopted a model of applied learning that supports our budding business owners in the development of a business unique to their own passions.

Students who successfully complete to foundations course including writing a viable business plan and partnering with an industry mentor, are allowed to launch their business through our academy.  These students utilize our students, staff and families as a consumer baseline who not only financially support the endeavors of the students but also provide feedback for continued improvement.

This unique program is also used to help students offset the cost of tuition.  The academy offers a 100% matching program for the amount of tuition paid from the students business.


Cooked In Love

Aheira Jeff

Aheira is a budding entrepreneur working to open a food truck that focuses on the family.  Her concept includes great eats and fun family games wrapped up in one experience. Aheira is already saving for medical school where she plans to continue to study oncology.


Sarah's Art and Soul

Sarah Jalapa

Sarah sells wood based customized signage for all occasions. Sara has combined her love for art with her desire to learn business and help offset the cost of her tuition.


Difference Theater Company

A'myeh Fisher

Differences Theater Company, owned and operated by senior A'myeh Fisher, provides a unique experience in theater arts; teaching young thespians to be the best version on themselves on and off the stage.

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