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Full Content Cross-Curricular Instruction Now Available Virtually

Mondays - Thursday

10:30A - 12P CST

In this course communication arts, online communication, writing, science and history are all combined to uniquely challenge your child to see learning as interconnected.  Classes are taught daily that include Common Core Science and Social Studies standards with the assessment focus being on effective implementation of English/Language Arts standards.  The class provides an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills around topics that will keep students highly engaged.

This class is powered by Microsoft Teams technology systems and does require basic internet access.

Hybrid Learning - IdPBL (Interest Driven Project-based Learning)

Monday - Thursday

1P - 2P CST

In this course students are allowed to expand their learning around their unique interests.  While implementing English Language Arts/Literacy Common Core standards  student learning is facilitated through individual learning experiences.  The focus of this class is in building independent thinkers, researchers and creatives of all ages.

This class requires offline activities and participation in additional learning forums outside of the classroom setting.

Core Supports 

Customized Time Slots

Core Supports honors the fact that all students learn differently.  There will be times when students need 1-1 support either for remediation and/or personalized acceleration.  These courses are designed to provide explicit teaching in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and mathematics.  A more traditional approach to learning is leveraged in a setting that will allow students to grow at a pace that is personally adjusted to their needs.

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